Look out, this one is for the rea;l serious musicheads! One thing you may not know about RINGTONE KINGTONE is I am also an expert in jazz.. I created this new ringtone with my jazz knowledge and also based on and inspired by my recent experience buying a boat.

When I thought about it though, in history there are just too many different jazzes and different tastes in jazzes for there to be just one kind of Cool Sailor Jazz, so I made TWO different kinds for you jazz lovers. You can choose one depend on what kind of jazzes you like. Cool huh!

If you are more a “casual jazzes” person you might like “Cool Sailor Jazz #2a,” it is a classic type of jazz with just a touch of seafareing feel to it (but it is not that “Yacht” “Rock” stuff, yuck, as we know that is NOT one of the better jazzes).

But If you are more selective and knowledgeable in your jazzes like me you can maybe try “Cool Sailor Jazz #2b” instead. It’s pretty different for jazzes connisseurs. more like Miles somewhere in between his “fourth revolution” and “fifth” “revolution,” has much less of that loose Ellington feel to it vs. #2a. (hey I may even make a Cool Sailor Jazz #2c if there are any “Meditations”-era Coltrane fans out there………. anyone???)

Direct downloads (always free ringtones at RINGTON KINGTONE!):

Happy jazz(es) ringtone saileing!

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