Here are RINGTONE KINGTONE we get lots of requets for Edie M. style ringtones and we are only happy to oblige! Yes sure this one is named for after a Pixar pun on a popular movie plus a popular drug in the “”rave” scene” but of course we do NOT condone drug use except for ASPIRIN which is what most Edie M. songs make us feel like we need after we listen!!! We tried our very Kingtone bestone to make a dance track that is a great ringtone but that WON’T give you or your co workers a headache and it DEFINITELYy is scientifically designed so it won’t destroy the speakers on your valuable cell phone unlike those other Edie-M songs. Yeah leave this kind a thing to the RINGTONE Pros

Download “Moll-E” MP3 for ringtone compatible ringtone

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