Thanks for visiting the web home of famous ringtone composer RINGTONE KINGTONE on the web. We know everyone is talking about that cool new thing called “ringtone” these day and we are the best place to get the hottest new all original ringtones, we work hard to bring you only the hottest new all original ringtones once every 1-6 months so you and your compatibel ringtone phone* will ALWAYS been the coolest on you r block.

Ok maybe you’ve seen ringtones on-line before but RINGTONE KINGTONE is different. All RINGTONE KINGTONE ringtones are MP3s that are professionally designed by a cutting edge ringtone expert with Masters degree in ringtone** to be the best new original ringtones to get your attention when the phone ringtone, and plus they will 100% guranteed to ROCK YOUR WORLD every time your phone ring, and best of all EVERY SINGLE RINGTONE HERE are alwasy FREE and under a Creation Common license or something like that, yeah it like “open” “source” but IT IS A RINGTONE.

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* RINGTONE KINGTONE cannot guarantee your phone will compatible and cannot provide technical support for insSTalling ringtones. RINGTONE KINGTONE will not be liable for damage causd by using RINGTONE KINGTONE ringtone, use at your own risktone.

** “Masters degree in ringtone” is actually an MA in Music Composition. from DeVry Institute

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